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To celebrate the diversity of our local community, Dudley Council supports flag raising events throughout the year. In the last year the council has also lit key buildings to represent significant organisations and groups. If you’re interested in organising a flag raising or building lighting event to mark a date of significance for a community or group represented within our borough, please view our flag flying policy and calendar below.

All applications for flag raising/buildings to be lit must be received at least 21 days in advance of the requested date.  

If the application is successful, the council will raise the flag on the Council House or Dudley Town Hall (whichever is deemed most appropriate) for the day or arrange for the building to be lit in up to three colours. A key requirement for a flag raising is that the flag which will be used for the celebration is to be donated to the council by the community. The flag will then be used for future events regarding that nation, community or group.


Dudley Council has one flagpole on the main Council House building and another on Dudley Town Hall. The Union Flag flies from the Council House everyday apart from on days when full council meetings are held when the Dudley borough flag is flown. Meanwhile the Black Country flag is flown permanently from Dudley Town Hall.

The Union flag should be replaced by the Dudley borough flag at half-mast on days of local mourning.

Flying flags at half mast:

  • upon the death and subsequent funeral of the Sovereign, and other members of the Royal Family, subject to guidance from the West Midlands Lieutenancy Office

  • the funeral of other members of the Royal Family, the Prime Minister or any other dignitaries as advised by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport

  • the death/funeral of a serving or former local member of parliament or serving or former local councillor, Former Mayor of Dudley, Freemen of the Borough, Aldermen of the Borough

Requests for the lighting of council buildings will be considered against the following criteria:

  • In support of national campaigns and causes

  • In respect of important national or local events

  • To mark significant commemorative days

  • Non-political

  • Campaigns and causes that support the council values and priorities, particularly in reference to equality and diversity


The above criteria is not inclusive and the council may choose to decline requests if deemed inappropriate or unethical.  Priority will be given to existing calendared events.



Please select your preference:

Thank you for submitting your application.

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