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The King's Honours and Awards

Dudley has many people who go above and beyond and make an outstanding contribution to the local community.

We recognise individuals and groups through the Mayor’s Civic Awards however we also want to ensure people are recognised nationally through the King's Honours and Awards.


The honours system recognises people from all communities who have:

made outstanding achievements in public life

committed themselves to serving and helping Britain

worked hard to make life better for other people


There are several different types of award, each one recognising unique contributions.  Anyone can nominate someone for an honour.  The person must still be actively involved in what they are being nominated for.


To nominate someone for an Honour, nominate a group for a King’s Awards for Voluntary Service or nominate a business for a King’s Award for Enterprise visit

Young Active Citizen Award

The Young Citizen Award is for young people going the extra mile to help others. This Award was launched to acknowledge the outstanding contribution of young people, to reward their effort and hard work, and to celebrate people doing extraordinary things.

We seek to reflect the priorities of His Majesty The King - Communities, Culture, Climate and The Commonwealth.

Nominations close at Midnight on 9 February 2024.

For more information visit Young Active Citizen Award

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