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Welcome to the Mayor of Dudley website

The borough Mayor is elected at the council's annual meeting in May each year.

The elected person can be a man or a woman and they serve for the whole year until the next annual meeting.

In his or her capacity as the borough’s first citizen, the Mayor represents the council at many civic and ceremonial functions and is a royal representative of Dudley. Anyone in this position upholds and promotes the purposes of the council’s constitution and has a duty to promote public involvement in the council’s activities.

The Mayor presides over meetings of the full council to ensure business is carried out properly and efficiently, with due regard to the rights of councillors and the interests of the community. They ensure the council meeting is a forum for debate on important matters of concern to the local community. The Mayor also ensures the council’s decision makers are held to account.


The Mayoress or Consort does not have a seat in the council chamber unless they are a councillor. It is an honorary position of a person appointed by each mayor for their period of service. While this person is usually his or her wife or husband it can be anyone the Mayor chooses.

Dudley's Coat of Arms were officially granted on 10 June 1975

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