The proper description for the purpose of printing matter or announcement is:-

‘The Worshipful the Mayor, Councillor Sue Greenaway’

and where her Consort is also present:-

‘The Mayor and Consort, Councillor Sue Greenaway and Mr Desmond Greenaway'

When the Deputy Mayor and the Deputy Consort are present, the proper description is:-

‘The Deputy Mayor and Deputy Consort, Councillor Andrea Goddard and Councillor James Clinton’

The usual mode of address is:-

‘Madam Mayor and Mr Greenaway, Madam Deputy Mayor and Cllr Clinton’




​It is usual for an appointed person to meet the Mayor at the entrance to the building (to escort him to be relieved of his coat if necessary) and introduce him to the person responsible for organising the function.

Similar arrangements should be made for the Mayoress/Consort. Where there is an official party procession, the Mayor will enter with the President on his right, followed by the wife of the President with the Mayoress/Consort on her right.  People present should rise and remain standing until the official party is seated.

On leaving, the Mayor/Mayoress/consort should be escorted to the exit door and persons present should stand until the official party has left the room.


The Mayor is the First Citizen and has precedence in all places in his own borough having regard to Her Majesty’s Royal prerogative. Unless the Mayor is Chair of the meeting, the seat on the immediate right of the Chair should be reserved for the Mayor and the immediate left of the Chair reserved for the Mayoress/Consort.


The only persons to whom the Mayor yields precedence within the borough are members of the Royal Family and the Lord Lieutenant of the County when officially representing the Sovereign.  When the Lord Lieutenant is present the Mayor sits on the left of the Chairman.


Except in cases where the Mayor and Mayoress/Consort are asked to take part in the reception, the time given should be such as will ensure their arrival five minutes only before the commencement of the function.  This arrangement will avoid unnecessary waiting on their part and permit their proceeding quickly with the Chairman to the place reserved for them.


It is essential that functions proceed according to programme timings so far as the Mayor and Mayoress/Consort are concerned.  It is often arranged that several Mayoral functions are scheduled to follow each other, and if the Mayor and Mayoress/Consort are to fulfil each of these successfully, they cannot afford to be delayed through any particular organisation failing to maintain a strict time-table.


If the function is a dinner, luncheon, public meeting, or similar event, a copy of the toast list or agenda, showing order of procedure, should if possible, be returned with the questionnaire.  If this cannot be done, it should be sent to reach the Mayoral office not later than the day before the event.  The agenda should state, at the side, the time allocated for the various items.


The provision of a comprehensive briefing is essential to the Mayor’s participation in your event.  

A briefing form will be sent to you and must be completed in full should be sent to the Mayor’s Parlour at the earliest convenient date but at least two weeks before your function.

The Mayor/Mayoress/Consort will wear their chain of office when at a function within Dudley borough.


The form includes what Dress Code will be in place at the function -

Black tie means a full formal event ie tuxedo suits, cocktail dresses, floor length dresses.

Formal events mean suit and tie, business attire.

Smart casual events mean smart day or evening wear.